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Libracamp is a virtual bootcamp for startups building apps on the Libra blockchain

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This event has concluded! read all about it here. You are welcome to checkout our next event happening NOW! to get updates on our next events and bootcamps please subscribe to our newsletter above.

The 7 week virtual bootcamp connect high-potential startups with experts, mentors, investors, and big-tech firms.

A Digital Virtual Bootcamp

Every participant selected to enter the competition is granted advice from a network of expert mentors and investors to help them develop their vision.


All Your Libra Updates in One Place


Live stream collection of news, twits, videos and memes about Libra, the ecosystem and the people behind it.




Eyal Shani

Libracamp for Investors

One of the most important components for creating a powerful team is smart money. That is why we are building a very high-quality investor pool.

To protect pool members, every investor that is registered to the investor pool has the option to refuse to invest when a batch is getting started. Those investors that do participate are committing to invest in startups that win the competition. We believe that Libra will create new types of financial services and applications that will serve billions of people who are currently not served by legacy banking systems.

For example, there will be new ways to create a credit score for a person, that are much better than legacy systems. As a result, billions of small businesses will be able to take a loan with very cheap interest rates. Libracamp will enable any investor to participate in applications that will dominate the future of finance.

What is the investor pool?

The investor pool is an SPV that collects money from investors and invests it in various companies, in a very similar way to an "AngelList" syndicate.

Who can participate in the investor pool?

Libracamp is committed to investor quality, so we have a careful process of selection. To apply please fill this form and we will get back to you.


About us

Libracamp is an independent initiative run by entrepreneurs passionate about the potential for global financial inclusion, mass adoption of digital money & acceleration of startups that will build this vision.

Libracamp is not a part of Facebook, the Libra Association, or the Calibra wallet.

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